West of West is a continuous work-in-progress with the aim to create a community for artists, intellectuals, and all manner of creative-types from Victoria and the surrounding communities. Once the site has begun to get a healthy amount of traffic, our hope is to expand and begin publishing a physical publication of the very best work that has been submitted to us. We hope to have our first publication out by the end of 2012.

At West of West, we are looking for work created on the island. We will also consider work created by island thinkers and artists even if they are temporarily wandering abroad. We intend, however, for the showcased pieces to retain ties to Victoria and the island communities.

We are currently looking for submissions in the following categories:

  • Short stories
  • Poetry
  • Short Plays or Scenes
  • Photography
  • Visual Art
  • Comics and Graphic Story-Telling
  • Short Videos
  • Essays (on any subject)
  • Interviews relating to Victoria’s art scene (transcribed or filmed)
  • Reviews (of local theatre or art)

If you would like to submit work to West of West, please send an email with your submission as an attachment to submissions@westofwest.ca.

When submitting, please remember:

  • In the subject line, write “Submission:” followed by the category under which your submission falls. If you are unsure, simply write “Miscellaneous”.
  • If at all possible, please leave any and all creators’ names off of the attached submission.
  • Other than the removal of names, any essays must be formatted according to an established style guide (MLA, APA, Chicago, for example).
  • Please mention in your email whether the work has been previously published or is under consideration by another publication or website.

Please keep in mind that if we like a submission, we reserve the right to edit and suggest changes to pieces, always with permission from the original creator.

We would be pleased to address any questions or concerns forwarded to tstuart@westofwest.ca.