We left some of the best for last in our reviews of Uno Fest. We mentioned Blue Box, the one-person show by Canada Reads winner Carmen Aguirre, in our Weekend Suggestions and it didn’t disappoint. Aguirre’s show documents the amazing story of her life, beginning with her life as a child of revolutionaries in South America who eventually adopted the revolutionary life for herself. Her novel was moving and contentious and it seems our reviewer, Chelsea Rowley, found her stage show to be just as captivating.


The Revolutionary’s Story

If you are looking for a show that’s smart, sassy and provocative then be sure to see Carmen Aguirre’s “Blue Box”.

Drawn from real life events “Blue Box” spins together different times, places and people from Aguirre’s life to creates a vivid tapestry of love, loss and desperation. At times that love is manifested in the form of a handsome “Vision” while at others it is the unwavering devotion to a revolutionary cause much bigger than herself.

With skillful storytelling Aguirre transports the audience seamlessly between Chile and Argentina during the resistance, to LA in earnest pursuit of a sexy TV star, and to illegal warehouses in Vancouver’s East Hastings where one may pursue a career as phone sex operator. There is no need for a fancy set in this show, words are enough to make one feel as though they are right there in the Andes.

It’s a fascinating piece of autobiography although it could perhaps lose a little bit off the 90 minute running time.


- Chelsea Rowley