We are continuing West of West’s coverage of Uno Fest with one of Victoria’s favourite sons’, Michael Delamont’s, Fringe hit God is a Scottish Drag Queen. Uno Fest focuses entirely on one-person shows – performances that create an intimate connection between the audience and the actor alone on that big, empty stage. Over the course of the festival West of West’s intrepid reviewers will be taking a closer look at a number of shows that we thought looked particularly promising. Today’s review is the last of our Uno Fest reviews written by Reviewer Extraordinaire Laura Torbet.


Bag Pipes and Drag Queens.

Tonight was my third and last show of the Uno Fest. It was by far one of my favourite ever. I have seen Mike Delamont as a German variety show host and as a vampiric Andrew Lloyd Webber in two different Atomic Vaudeville shows. I’ve marvelled at how such a unique looking man can melt into these various characters. His flair at adopting
accents make the characters work.

God is a Scottish Drag Queen is a one man comic piece about creation, music, monkeys and the gingers. Be warned. If you think you can go toe to toe with this man and yell out during the show, you can not. This man is a talented professional. You, on the other hand, are drunk. So don’t. Just don’t.

The show starts with live bagpipes playing Scotland the Brave. But what else would you expect? Victoria being a very Scottish town make the bag pipes more welcome here than I bet they’d be in other venues! Through the evening God talks about his choice of apparel (a floral powersuit from the 1980s, complete with shoulder pads), his love of the monkeys over the humans (he’s still working on us), the real reason Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden (it had everything to do with the apple, and nothing to do with the knowledge) and his choice of his personal “theme-tune”.

Delamont keeps the energy up through the 80 minute plus show. His use of music and lighting cues illustrate the great team he has behind him and their collective professionalism, while still having a grand time. I look forward to future productions from this team and would recommend any of his shows to all of you.

- Laura Torbet